Designing the Runway Naturally- Dominique Ansari

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I truly hope that you guys enjoyed part one of the Dominique Ansari interview. Truly a powerful interview as she talked about what it was like growing up and a very important subject that a lot of kids face today, bullying. I am so honored that Dominique chose to share those very raw feelings with us about her life. It is important for women of all ethnicities, but especially women of color to know that not one us have the “easy” walk in life.

As promised I have the second part of her interview. This will give us a more detailed look into her hair care and her beautiful designs. Ready? Let’s Go!

What’s your hair routine?
Honestly, I don’t have a set routine. I do a wash and go pretty much on most days, and then do a deep condition and shampoo once a week. –D.A.

Do you have any favorite products?
I love kinky curl for my wash and go as a leave in, but sometimes if I need a break from products, I usually use organic virgin coconut oil. I occasionally use Shea moisture leave in when I need a little extra moisture. –D.A.

Are you looking for length or anything goes? (You could chop your hair off tomorrow and still be okay)
I would love to maintain my hair at this point and grow it out as long as I can, but I would also be ok if I decide to cut it. –D.A.

Do you have a favorite style for your hair?
I do a side part most of the time, but I noticed that when I wash and go and use the leave in, if I shake my hair while it’s still damp with, I get the best style and curl pattern. –D.A.

Current Style

Does your hair have a name? (A LOT of women name their hair)
This is my first time hearing of this, so yeah, no name for my hair, it’s attached to me, so yeah. –D.A.

Talk to me about your designs? (What’s the target age for buyers? Flirty? Fun?)
My designs are comfortable, flirty, colorful, and fun! I design for ages 18-35, and have sold my style all over the world. I love to use color blocking in my designs, and I use a lot of fabrics that are fluid in motion, so that it moves when you walk. I’ve had a lot of dancers, dance companies purchase styles from me, so it’s always fun to see them perform in my garments. –D.A.

DSC_0792 DSC_0398

How do you feel a about natural hair on the runway?
I love it and want to see more if it! I think it depends on the designer’s vision though and what story they are trying to tell with their collection. I noticed that sometimes, they will just leave the natural’s girl’s hair the way it is, and the other models will all have a coordinated hairstyle, so I think it depends on the vision whether it will work with the collection. If one model has a natural hairstyle, then the other model’s hair should be similar. It just makes for a more cohesive collection when you are doing a show. –D.A.

Speaking of runway, you recently premiered a new collection for N.O. Fashion Week, is that correct? How did that go?
Yes, I did that show back in March, and it was great! The collection was well received, and it probably was one of the hardest collections I worked on so far. I had a lot of detail in the pieces, and they had to fit just right. It was probably, the most stressful, because I had to fit all the models the day before since I don’t live in the area any longer, but the end results of seeing your designs walk down the runway is always special. –D.A.

DSC_0719 DSC_0562 DSC_0053 DSC_0021

Are you working on anything new now? Or taking a break?
I’m working on the spring 2016 collection right now. I need to have it ready to shoot the lookbook before October, so I’ll be putting in a few extra hours every night. –D.A.

You are married with a 2 year old son. How is it balancing all of those hats? (wife, mother, designer?)
It can be tough because I’m expected to do my wife duties and my mother duties, as well as trying to find time to balance promoting my brand, doing photoshoots, and runway shows. Sometimes I just have to say no to some opportunities because my family will always come first no matter what. I have been married for 10 years, and this is our first child, so it is very important for me to devote time to him and my husband, but as well keep my business afloat. I’ve been invited to NY Fashion week, Vancouver Fashion week, and many others in the time that I have had my son as well as been invited to audition for Project Runway, but have had to put it on hold until my son gets a little older. I’m a stay at home mom, full time, so he has been with me since birth, so I just don’t see me leaving him for any lengthy period of time until he is in school and older. –D.A.

Have you been inspired to work on a children’s line?
I have been inspired to work on children’s line, but when that will commence, I am not sure. Right now, my focus is on my women’s Ready-to-Wear line. In the future, I may experiment on other aspects of design. –D.A.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to speak with Dominique Ansari and I hope that you enjoyed this interview as much as I did. By the way, did you click the link yesterday to see the exciting news? Our new favorite designer is heading to Vancouver Fashion Week! Woot-Woot!

It’s definitely an exciting time in her life, and one I think we should all support. If you didn’t get a chance to click the link yesterday, I have it for you again. Dominique will be spilling ALL THE TEA about her upcoming trip to Vancouver and giving you a sneak peak of her new collection!

Click the link!

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