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OMG!!! I burned like a Gagillion Calories and LOVED every minute. By the end of class, I was covered in sweat aka “magic” and my legs felt like noodles.

But alas, they fed us Sweetgreens…but we will get to that in a minute..LOL!

FLYWHEEL is  located at the Prudential Center, which tucked away right pass P.F. Chang’s. As I walked into Fly Wheel, the team members were there to greet me with smiles and super helpful. I was able to select a FLYWHEEL Class or FLYBARRE Class. I selected the FLYWHEEL Class  and choose my bike prior to entering the classroom.  NO worries about not having your “favorite bike” if you’re a regular. All the amenities, were at my disposal; bike shoes, towels, bike pads (#MyBootyThanksYou), Hair Ties, and lockers (that don’t require a lock..just enter a code #GENIUS).


Before class, I took a peek into the changing areas and restrooms…they were immaculate and very clean. Ya’ll know how I can be a germophobe at times…lol! I was also able to peek into the FLYBARRE room, which looked awesome. Maybe next time, I will be brave and take a FLYBARRE class.

The FLYWHEEL Rider Experience offered modern indoor cycling technology. As I entered the “stadium, I was greeted by two staff that offered to show me to my bike and helped get setup for the class.  “Tech Packs” were on each bike, that allow each rider to view/adjust their individual the resistance (Torq), RPMS, and total energy exerted. There was a large flat screen aka TorqBoard to see how you are stacked against the other riders in the stadium…Let’s just say my competitive nature was ALL over this #GAMEON.

My instructor was Katie, was fabulous!!! Her energy, motivational directions, and high-energy playlist made the time fly by…especially since there are no clocks in the stadium. No clocks, allows you to totally focus on you, zone into the workout, and get everything out of what you came for PLUS more if you want it. I clipped in my shoes to the bike and prepared myself for the next 60 minutes.

When does instructor said, “Okay the warm-up is over…Now let us “BEGIN”  into the workout.” My eyebrows became arched, my legs started to burn and my mind “Okay…Let’s DO THIS!” This was my first Indoor Cycling Class in awhile because I usually stick to what is comfortable e.g. Bootcamp, Dance, H.I.I.T. Indoor Cycling can be intimidating, but this class was like a “Party on Wheels!!!” #Literally



I told myself, “Okay…You’re a HEALTHGURU, Fitness Trainer #GirlYouGotTHIS #WomanUP and btw “Please don’t look like you’re struggling through the workout.” LOL #CoolEffect  My goal was to stay on the bike, pedal fast, and beat the other cyclists in the class. Needless to say my legs burned, my shirt was drenched in sweat, and I felt POWERFUL!” I went through a bottle of water, and thank goodness for the “Tech Packs” that allowed me to check my realtime my resistance and total energy exerted. By the end of the workout, we stretched and had SweetGreens salad waiting for us outside. I immediately FELL in LOVE <3 with FLYWHEEL because anytime you feed me healthy food… my tummy and body thanks you…LOL!


Before/After class, I made some new friends with some awesome people. The staff was very helpful and very nice. The music was really good minus Techno, as I am not a Techno Fan. I give the overall FLYWHEEL Rider Experience: 4 STARS and plan to return and try out the FLYBARRE Class.

HealthGURU 5-STAR Rating System (Pink STAR #OfCourse):

1 Star (): Ummm…Not a fan, and your NOT missing out. #Pass

2 Stars (★★):Meh…It was alright and was not WOWED #SlowPause

3 Stars (★★★): It was good, and would think about returning. #ItWasAight

4 Stars(★★★★): OMG! Really good and would invite people #SpreadTheWord

5 Stars (★★★★) #PraiseBreak Totally Fabulous-You MUST GO>>> ASAP! #LifeChanger




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