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Y’all, this is the year.  THIS IS THE YEAR.  If you were ever going to return natural, this is the year to do it.   As we close out Black History Month, we are left with lingering thoughts on Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and the slew of support our community has been throwing in.  Listen, the month of February has been LIT all the way.

Beyoncé.  Let’s just leave that there for a minute.  Am I part of the Beyhive?  Unofficially, yes.  I know there was so much controversy surrounding her Super Bowl performance, and I was here for all of it.  Listen, you have got to understand that the performance was not going to be pleasing to everyone, but it sure pleased me and a lot of people in our community.  So many people got up in arms over her song, “Formation”.   It was a song actually encouraging black women to get together and stick together.  The fact that people were upset about it, is what I don’t understand.  I guess it’s just important for us to celebrate ignorance and stir competition within our community, right?  That’s why ladies returning natural can be a thing of beauty this year.  Let’s all stick together.  For those of you who have thought of returning natural, you have a wealth of support available to you, especially from me.

Returning natural for some is just about shedding damaged hair and that’s fine.  You will continue to grow in your views as time goes on.  Until then, here are some important reasons, you should return natural this year:

Solidarity:  We can have a peaceful group of women that get together to lift everyone up.  I think that can be in the natural hair community.  There is strength in our community, but it has to start somewhere.  Even for the women who choose not to return natural, but you support our decision to do so…this includes you.  Our community has been rallying together since the beginning of the year.

Freedom:  There is just something so freeing about letting go of that relaxer.  Yes, you are letting go of damaged hair, but you are also saying hello to a different kind of beauty.  One that engulfs you as the queen that you are rather than shades you as who you have to become in order to meet the standard.

Acceptance:  It may be hard to accept that there is beauty in your hair whether it be straight or curly or kinky, but there is trust me.  Once you accept that, you will accept yourself and your community.  Your view will continue to elevate and in turn,  you will elevate others along with it.

Come on y’all, this is the year.  Understand this as truth and let’s move forward.  We, as a community, are in the spotlight right now.  Ladies, can we show up for our community, for our friends, and for ourselves?  Are we willing to set the standard in terms of beauty which are self- respect, self- awareness, and self- love?


Let’s do for 2016, let’s do it for us.




Pamela Coleman

Pamela Coleman is originally from Jackson, MS. She received her B.S. degree in Mass communications from Jackson State University. Deciding not to write for the city newspaper, Pamela wanted to pursue a different passion. After relocating to Texas and now Minnesota, Pamela has found herself in a unique position. Now, a stay at home wife and mother of two, Pamela started blogging about her mental and emotional journey of returning natural in hopes to reach others (curlsandwhatknots.wordpress.com). Her goal is to help as many women and men uplift the natural community and change a mindset that has been passed down for generations. Her daughter was her sole inspiration for returning natural and soon her son inspired her to tap into the mental state of young black boys and their views on the natural community. Understanding she is taking the non- traditional approach, she has decided to homeschool her children with the support of her husband, family, and friends. A novelist by heart, Pamela is also in the process of releasing her first children’s book and novel in 2016. After returning natural, starting a blog, and going vegan, Pamela is now leading the life she feels was purposed for her.

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