Protective Styles Yay? or Nay?

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What are some of your favorite protective styles? Do you even do protective styles? I personally only stick to 1 protective style. I completely understand the importance of protecting my ends. I can tell you first hand that protective styles are needed and a must have while being natural. During the entire fall and winter I keep my hair in small or medium size two strand twist. I either leave the twist out if they are small or I pull them back into a nice bun. I found that my hair grows much faster and stays healthy for the cold months. I like simple styles and with my hair texture this is the easiest for me. Everyone is going to have their favorite protective style. Some of my other favorite protective styles are Marley twist and crochet braids even though you probably will not see me with them.

So even if you are beginning your journey or 2 years into your journey, finding a protective style that works for your hair is key. Getting inspiration from other naturalista’s is always a great way to stay motivated and learn different styles and techniques. It will make the entire experience much easier to manage. As your hair grows you also begin to learn more about your hair and what worked 1 year ago may not work at the present moment. The entire process is a trial and error so being patient should be your number one priority. Just know that you are not the only one.



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