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Finding new products has become easier these days through product reviewers and blogs, but what about actually getting your products when you don’t have time to go to the store or need an emergency stash while on vacation? This review is dedicated to review one of those helpful sites, which gives you a variety of products to choose from on one site.

My Loux Home Page

Web Experience:


When you first reach the site, the background is a simplistic black and white. And although I appreciate the simplicity in one aspect, to allow for the products to be displayed without colors clashing, it would be more visually pleasing if there was a background color.

When you click on each of the categories of Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize, Style, Specialty, Brands and Loux-Life. – their blog. You have some products that overlap and some products that I think should be re-categorized. For instance, there are some hair growth oils in the specialty area. I think that there should be a hair repair or hair growth category all on its own.

I liked that there were a lot of brands to choose from even if there was only one product featured from that brand. It would be nice for them to have a more detailed search engine that you could search by hair type within the search engine using the hair chart of coils to find out what brands will work for your hair instead of having the hair type be in the Specialty category. It would also be beneficial to be able to hover over each category and see a description.

Once you click on one item, you have a general description of the product, and they list the ingredients, which is very helpful.

Account Features

Signing up was incredibly easy as it took very little time to create an account. I think it was great that when you purchased something, a pop up message came up immediately to show what I had purchased and then gave me the option to either continue shopping or have the ability to check out. I also like that orders over $35.00 are provided with free shipping!

My Loux Cart

What wasn’t visually appealing was that the font was different from the main font. It would be nice to see more uniformity of the fonts throughout the site.


I received my order in a timely manner in about 3 days, but unfortunately, the packaging was not equipped to hold the product, and it arrived a complete mess!

They had used a regular USPS shipping pack with only those packing pillows to support it and what looked like household scotch tape placed on the top. The top unscrewed and probably an 1/8th of product was all over the packaging! In the future, they should look into wrapping the product in bubble wrap and ship products in a box, rather than a bag. - Product 1 Product 2 Product 3

Final Thoughts

I am appreciative of sites that cater to different types and styles of hair and offer a variety of products. I think that does a good job of having a variety of products offered. However, the overall look of their site should be more consistent and their shipping practices need to be revised.


I’m Tiffany Probasco, I’m a freelance writer and editor of The Fab Empire, Boston Fab blog. I am all about uplifting our community and loving ourselves in our natural state is part of that.

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